What Are Manufacturing Processes of Prefinished Aluminum Coils

The prefinished aluminum coils are the plain aluminum coils coated with various organic coatings and plastic films on the surface of aluminum coils, and have excellent colorability, formability, corrosion resistance, and decoration.

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Coating layers and thickness

The aluminum trim coil is usually double-coated and double-baked. That is to say, after the surface pretreatment of the aluminum coil, the primer (primer) and the top coat (top coat) are painted twice, baked and hardened, back-coated if necessary, and embossed or printed. The name, thickness and uses of each layer are as follows:

1. Aluminum coils are coated with a primer layer to enhance adhesion and corrosion. Typically it is 5-10 microns thick.

2. The topcoat layer is on top of the primer layer, and organic coatings of various colors and gloss are selected according to the needs to form the main appearance characteristics of the color-coated aluminum coil, and the general thickness is 15-25 microns.

3. Backcoating is the application of an organic coating (usually an anti-corrosion or protective paint) to the back (ie, the side opposite the substrate) of an aluminum coil to improve corrosion and weather resistance. The backcoat thickness is typically 5 to 10 microns.

Painted aluminum coil deep processing

Place an embossed or printed layer on the top coat or back coat by means of pressure transfer printing or thermal transfer printing to form various patterns and textures like stone grain, wood grain, bamboo grain,etc., greatly improving the decoration and aesthetics of color-coated aluminum coils.

According to different applications and requirements, pre-coated aluminum coils can also choose different types of coatings, such as polyester, fluorocarbon, silicon polyester, and different coating types, such as single-sided coating and double-sided coating.

Single-sided painting means that only one side of the aluminum coil is coated with organic paint, while the other side keeps the original color of the aluminum or is coated with anti-corrosion paint. This is a pre-painted aluminum coil mainly used in applications where a double sided display is not required such as roofs and walls.

Double-sided coating refers to the application of organic coatings on both sides of the aluminum coil, resulting in different colors or the same color and pattern. This type of color-coated aluminum coil is mainly used in places where double-sided display is required, such as suspended ceilings, doors, windows, and curtain walls.

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