What Are Features of PVDF Coated Aluminum Coil

Compared with polyester color-coated aluminum coil, PVDF coated aluminum coil is of a longer service life. Generally, the service life of PVDF coated aluminum coil and aluminum plate can reach more than 20 years while the service life of polyester color-coated aluminum coil is usually around 10 years.

It also has strong corrosion resistance and can be generally used in different places such as roof corrugated panels, fireproof veneers, aluminum ceilings, shutters, roller shutters, garage doors, lighting, furniture, electronic appliances, etc.

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Fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum coil is a product that uses high-quality fluorocarbon paint to coat the surface of aluminum coil. Fluorocarbon paint has good weather resistance and long service life. It is the first choice for color-coated aluminum coils for outdoor products. Haomei Aluminum chooses quality paints such as Nippon and PPG, which can better ensure the service life of color-coated aluminum coils.

The history of fluorocarbon coatings is relatively short, but it has developed rapidly. The basic component of fluorocarbon coating is fluororesin, which has excellent chemical stability, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant/fire resistance, aging resistance and self-lubrication.

The PVDF coated aluminum coils is produced by roller coating process. Roller coating is to apply the paint evenly on the aluminum coil through the friction and pressure of the roller. The coating particles are arranged horizontally on the surface of the aluminum coil, which can make the surface of the color-coated aluminum coil smooth and not easy to collect dust.

Another coating method is spraying. Compared with roller coating, spraying sprays the paint on the surface of the aluminum coil through the nozzle, so that the paint particles are arranged vertically on the surface of the aluminum coil, which will make the surface of the pre-painted aluminum coil relatively rough and easy to collect dust.

Roller-coated PVDF coating aluminum coils also have some advantages, such as small surface color difference, easy cleaning and strong scratch resistance. Although the price is relatively high, the cost performance is very high. Especially in harsh climates and environments, it shows long-term resistance to fading and UV resistance.

Quality requirements of PVDF color coated coil

The 60° gloss value of the fluorocarbon coating should be consistent with the contract, and the allowable deviation is ±5 gloss units. As for the dry film harness, it should be ≥1H when it undergoes the pencil scratch test. The dry, wet and boiling water adhesion of the coating should reach grade 0.

After the impact test on the front of the coating, there should be no cracking or falling off, but fine wrinkles are allowed around the depression. After the falling sand test, the abrasion coefficient should be ≥1.6 L/µm. After the coating is tested by hydrochloric acid, there should be no bubbles and other obvious changes on the surface.

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