Aluminum Blanks for Street Signs

Street signs are graphic symbols that display traffic regulations and road information. They can express traffic regulations vividly, concretely, and concisely. At the same time, they also express content that is difficult to describe in words. It is used to manage traffic and indicate driving directions to ensure smooth roads and safe driving.

The material selected for the traffic signs is from the perspective of ergonomics, various factors should be considered in the design of products in specific environments: the convenience of product use, the reliability of installation, and the low consumption of maintenance. That’s why round aluminum blanks are popular in this field.

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Aluminum discs are of good texture, slow oxidation, light weight, stylish and clean appearance, easy installation, high thickness, good flatness, strong coloring adhesion, ease of use, easy maintenance and low cost. It can have special texture effects through some surface treatments.


1. Light weight: The weight of aluminum circle per square meter is 2.71kg/mm, of which the thickness can be over 3mm, greatly increasing the flatness of the font surface.

2. Rust resistance: Compared with traditional materials, it will not rust and its surface treatment is of rich forms. The content information can be replaced independently, so the subsequent use cost is low, and the maintenance is extremely convenient. here will be no rust stains to contaminate the wall.

3. Easy coloring: It has strong adhesion performance. If processed properly, the surface durability can be comparable to that of car paint.

4. Easy installation: Due to the low weight, the installation is much convenient.

Different modules can be made of light-weight aluminum discs for sale and different combinations are designed according to different needs, with fixed accessories, surface treatment, and graphic processing, so that different kinds of aluminum discs are formed. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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