Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profiles

Because of the corrosion resistance, machinability, formability and recyclability etc advantages, aluminum profiles and accessories is widely used in construction materials like window, doors, etc.

The Classification Of Aluminum Profiles

For application:

  • Constrcution aluminum profiles (Divided into two types of doors and windows and curtain walls)

  • Radiator aluminum profile;

  • General industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing, such as assembly line conveyor, hoist, dispenser, testing equipment , the shelves, etc., the electronic machinery industry and clean rooms are mostly used;

  • Rail vehicle structure aluminum alloy profile: mainly used for rail vehicle body manufacturing;

  • Mounted aluminum profiles: made into aluminum alloy frame, and decorated with various exhibitions and decorative paintings.

For alloy composition:

Divided into 1024、2011、6063、6061、6082、7075

For surface polish:

  • Anodized aluminum

  • Electrophoretic coating of aluminum

  • Powder coated aluminum

  • Wood grain transfer aluminum

  • Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum

  • Polished aluminum (divided into mechanical polishing and chemical polishing, where chemical polishing costs the most and the price is the most expensive)

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