Why Is Aluminum Circle Price Higher than Aluminum Sheet

When buying aluminum circle for pan China, you may find the aluminum circle price is higher than aluminum sheet. What leads to this result? Let’s come to know together.


Aluminum discs have good light-shielding properties, and can display a good coloring effect after printing and decorating. They have good isolation and are not easily damaged by bacteria and insects. They have good shape stability and are not affected by changes in humidity. For reaching these properties, its processing steps are complex.

Aluminum wafers are usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic films and used in all aspects. Therefore, there will be one more continuous stamping process in terms of processing. Since there is one more process than aluminum sheet, the production cost will be higher.

In addition, the waste material will generate during the production of aluminum disc circle. If a special size of aluminum circle is processed, a lot of waste will be added. There are also special models for the production of aluminum wafers with special sizes, so these factors are the reasons why aluminum circle price is higher.

As a big aluminium circle manufacturer in China, Haomei Aluminum offers you complete sizes of aluminum circle. The diameter ranges from 20mm to 1200mm.

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