What Are Popular Uses of Aluminum Round Plate

Aluminum discs are primary processing products after continuous stamping of aluminum coils. They are mainly used in lamps, kitchen utensils, and electronic shells. The common alloy grades are 1060, 3003, 5052,etc. The common tempers are O, H14 and H24.

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Starting from a small aluminium round plate, after a series of processes such as round cup die, deep drawing, bottom concave stamping, can mouth necking, can lid forming, and can body sealing, the final product is finally finished. The aluminum circle for cans is usually 1050-O or 1050 semi hard aluminum round sheet. This state will not crack during stamping, spinning and other steps in the later production process.

Road traffic sign

Aluminum circle is widely used in the design of traffic signs. Its advantages are good texture,slow oxidation, good flatness, strong coloring adhesion, low cost. 1060 h14 and 3003 h24 round aluminum discs are often used for the traffic sign and road signs, which are not suitable for stretching.

Hardware products

Many hardware products are made of hot-rolled aluminum discs, such as lampshades, water heater shells, glass window locks, and some capacitor aluminum shell blanks. The reason why many hardware products are inseparable from hot-rolled aluminum discs is that they have excellent corrosion resistance and malleability, and can be made into required shapes according to requirements.


Our anodized aluminum circles and coated discs can be used to make different lamp shades such as recessed lighting, industrial lighting, traffic light reflectors, sports lighting,etc. Haomei 6 inch round aluminum plate has the advantages of high surface finish, no scratches and high elongation, and its market share has been increasing in recent years.


The range of metal materials for making cookware is very narrow, because cookware needs good thermal conductivity and chemical stability, otherwise it will cause the taste of food to change. Many metals conduct heat well enough, but are too chemically unstable to be suitable for processing food.

Aluminum circle discs is a metal with excellent thermal conductivity. It will not rust and is resistant to many forms of corrosion. It is a commonly used metal for cooking utensils like aluminum pots, aluminum pans, pizza plates, aluminum buckets and other containers.

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