How Much Do You Know About Face Mask Aluminum Strip

With the expanding of the COVID-19 epidemic, the face mask has been a daily goods for many people. To reach the ideal protective function, aluminum nose wire is very important to make the masks fit for the different faces.

Both 1060 and 3003 thin aluminum strip can be used as face mask aluminum strip, which can be further processed into the aluminum nose wire on the face masks. There are high requirements for the face mask aluminum strip. How to judge their quality? We need to know some professional terms.

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Thick tolerance: According to the national standard, the thickness tolerance of aluminum strip is given a wide range, which can be around 10%. In the actual application, this tolerance can not meet the needs of model stamping at all.

The thickness tolerance of the aluminum strip is controlled within 0.02mm, which can be well applied to the hardware stamping products with high thickness requirements.

Width tolerance: The width tolerance of the aluminum strip is mainly determined by the slitting equipment. The domestic equipment can be controlled within the range of 0.1mm. Of course, the width tolerance is also related to the experience of the production personnel.

Tensile strength: The higher the tensile strength of the aluminum strip,the greater the hardness and the lower the elongation.

Elongation: It reflects the use range of the thin flat aluminum strips. Usually, the elongation of the flat aluminum strips in the O temper, which is suitable for deep drawing products.

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