Different Kinds of Aluminum Strip for Sale

There are different kinds of aluminum strips including brushed aluminum strip, anodized aluminum strip, mirror finish aluminum strip and color coated aluminum strip. The alloys are 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 6061,etc.

Brushed aluminum strip: There are different textures like long straight wire, short wire, snowflake wire,etc. The texture, depth and thickness of the brushed aluminum strip can be customized according to user requirements, and surface processing such as filming and anodizing can be provided.

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Anodized aluminum strip: The anodizing process of aluminum and aluminum alloys has a wide range of applications in industry, which can be used to prevent corrosion of products or achieve dual purposes of protection and decoration, such as wear-resistant layers, electrical insulation layers, paint primers and electroplating layer.

Reflective aluminum strip: Its common thickness is 0.15-3.0mm. It can be cut to size into aluminum strips of various widths, suitable for signs and nameplates, ceiling, lampshades, building decoration. Its reflectivity is above 85%.

Color coated aluminum strip: Haomei Aluminum can provide color-coated aluminum strips of various colors and thicknesses. The color coated aluminum strip can be used for channel letter, roofing system and gutter coil. The paints such as fluorocarbon and polyester are available to choose from.

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