Aluminum Bottle Cap Material for Cans

Since the first aluminum can was launched in 1958, aluminum cans has been the main kind of packaging form of the beverage and wine. Aluminum alloy is the key to making cans. There are different kinds of aluminium bottle cap material involved for making caps of the can, including 3004, 3104 and 5052.


5052 aluminum alloy

5052 aluminum alloy belong to Al-Mg alloy. It has excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, cold workability, and moderate strength. Its surface is very bright after polishing. During the heating process of 5052, less oxide is formed on the surface of the aluminum material, and the utilization rate of the aluminum ingot is high.

Haomei Aluminum has a complete set of mature production technology and extremely precise thickness control for 5052 aluminum sheet, which can keep the thickness tolerance within± 0.005mm.

3104 Aluminum Alloy

3104 aluminum alloy is a deformed aluminum alloy with a tensile strength greater than or equal to 275MPA and an elongation rate of up to 20%. It has good deep drawing performance which is important for the light weight of cans. In addition, it is of the welding performance and corrosion resistance.

3004 Aluminum Alloy

It is mostly used for those products that require good formability, high corrosion resistance and good weldability. Because aluminum itself has good oxidation resistance, it is used in cans for preventing oxidation and corrosion of carbonated beverages on cans.

The advantages of Haomei 3004 aluminum sheet:

  • A small amount of Mg is added to refine 3004 annealed crystals and improve the tensile strength.

  • Haomei Aluminum adopts the internationally leading grinding machine equipment to avoid defects.

  • The Zn content is controlled below 0.2% to ensure the welding performance of the alloy.

As a big aluminum bottle cap material manufacturer, Haomei also has other kinds of aluminum alloys such as 5182, 8011, 1060 for wine and medicine caps. Welcome to inquire from us directly.

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