How to Find Transformer Aluminium Strip Manufacturers

The aluminum strip stock for transformer is mainly 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum. Since the aluminum is of excellent thermal conductivity, light weight, formability, electrical conductivity and recyclability, it is widely used for the electronics and transformers.

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The soft aluminum strip is the main material for the manufacture of transformer windings, which directly affects the quality of the transformer. What is a transformer? The transformer is composed of four parts: winding, iron core, oil tank and insulating sleeve.

The main parts are the winding and the iron core (body): the winding is the circuit of the transformer, and the iron core is the magnetic circuit of the transformer. The two constitute the core of the transformer-the electromagnetic part.

We usually choose 1050,1060,1070,1100 and 3003 aluminum strip for transformer. The surface requirement for the transformer aluminum strip is very high: it should be flat and smooth, neat and the corners are rounded after the chamfering process.

Haomei Aluminum is a professional transformer aluminum strip manufacturer. With the introduction of advanced equipment and the core technology, it can greatly improve the processing quality, texture, grain structure and composition of the aluminum strip. Welcome to leave message to get the latest price.

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